Wholesale Enquiries

If you are a wholesale customer, you will need our password to access the price list and order form. 


If you already have the password, please click on the Wholesale Product Catalogue link on the left and log in.


If you do not have the password please email us at ABitQuackers@hotmail.co.uk  or call the office on 02380 769 455 (landline) / 07728 377 261 (mobile)

Wholesale News


Trade shows are our preferred method of meeting customers as it gives us the opportunity of showing off our full product range and gives you the opportunity of seeing and handling the products.


It is also our opportunity to show you that we are an open, friendly and reliable company and give you reassurance that we provide consistent and good quality customer care.


Our schedule of trade shows is shown on the right and we look forward to seeing you at during 2023/2024.


Alternatively you are more than welcome to visit our warehouse near Southampton.